I learned about a girl named Laura Lamb who was made the nation’s youngest quadriplegic at only six months old while learning about MADD. I started to think about what I would do if I were suddenly thrown into a situation in which a drunk driver was speeding down a narrow street and I had nowhere to escape to. I would have to stay where I was and know that this was about to happen to me. If I lost mobility in all four of my limbs, I would rather die. There goes my volleyball scholarship. There goes my ability to type. There goes my ability to shower by myself. There goes my ability to dance on my wedding day—if there ever was one. There goes my ability to even stand.

The simple every day things that I do and that everyone does daily made me think that if you have no mobility in your limbs, you wouldn’t be able to do any of that. I almost started to cry on the bus ride home thinking about that little girl who never got to ride a bike; that little girl who never could walk on her own; that little girl whose life was taken away when she was only six years old. A drunk driver took away her life before she was able to do all the things she would have wanted to do.

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